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Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
but it showed that consumers are feeling better about the economy. >> is a big topic on the campaign trail. both candidates land in ohio today. governor romney visits seven states, including a rally in ohio tonight with 100 supporters, politicians, and celebrities. in virginia last night, a makeup before hurricane sandy, he argued that the resident is running out of steam. >> he was talking abut saving characters on "sesame street" and playing word games with my name and attacking me on a regular basis, a tax he knows are not true. >> president obama also visits the seven states between now and election day with a focus on ohio, is must-win state. he will be there every day between now and the election. >> al qaeda as been decimated, osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress these past four years. >> how will it shakeout on tuesday? >> romney has a 50-50 chance to win the popular vote. it is harder to see him winning the electorial vote. >> a possible split verdict from a nation deeply divided, and anxious to end this very long campaign. >> baltimore city police are investigating a sho
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven. >> what is left of sandy's still out there, kind of a hybrid storm. the circulation point is right here. lots of cold air coming in behind it so we are seeing all of this in west virginia and garrett county. some folks have reported a couple of snowflakes. this storm is slowly making its turn up to the north. let's take a look at the impact of this thing. there are gale warnings on the day -- bay. 18 mile per hour gusts in ocean city. when we talk about the wind on the bay, upper, middle and chesapeake bay and delaware today, a title flooding, a 2-4 feet, ground level at high tide. i was talking to jane miller earlier. it looked like there was a hard time getting rid of the water. the winds are not really that strong, but they are still there. the rainfall totals, for the whole storm, have an history of the storm -- new york city, long island, places like that got the bulk of t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2